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It is true that there are many technicians who claim to be locksmith in this city but what is more true is that Fontana Locksmith is the only acknowledge and reputable so far. We are we are very proficient in all locksmith matters in residential, commercial, and automotives with the sole aim of making life easier for our clients here and there. More importantly, our scope of duty includes holistic safety and security of life and property is homes, offices, and all kinds of autos as well as associated emergency. We operate 24 hours services on daily basis including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. You do not need to spend fortune for sub-standard locksmith service again because we are always at your service when you contact us. Our service call is obviously reflective of our core value. It is therefore noteworthy to state that we merely charge $29 as service call despite our popularity and technical capability in the trade. As if this is not enough, our senior citizens are uniquely treated in decorous with 10% allowable discounts for all their transactions with us. You might have suffered negative experience in the hands of some of these co call locksmith technicians in town, but we are assuring you that Fontana Locksmith is miles apart from them all and our quality services testify of this.

In the first instance, it is a non-negotiable fact that for any technician to be on our payroll, he or she must be satisfactorily bonded, certified and insured. This is the basic tradition from time immemorial and the result of this is undeniable in customer satisfactions, increasing patronage from existing and new clients, among others. Even at that, we do not rest upon on our oars. Training and retraining of our personnel is mandatory in our company as this will not only make us more competitive, it will also put us at the forefront of progressive innovations in locksmith technology. Fontana Locksmith is in alliance with many of the manufacturers of this lock and keys, making it easier for exchange programs and vital information. They inform us about the latest trends in locksmith technology and application while we on the other hand furnish them with feedbacks and suggest improvements where necessary. All in all, the confidence of our technician is very high when tackling any locksmith issues in residential, commercial and automotives. This should never be misconstrued as pride; rather it is more of professionalism. This is one of unique our selling points which is still working for us till date. That is why we are inviting you to join the train and derive value for your hard earned money. Our services last longer yet you are charged at discount prices.

Additionally, one of the reasons we are generally adjudged to be the best is because our substandard material can never be traceable to our services from the day 1. We are not ignorant of the fact that if quality material is not used for any service, it will certainly rubbish our much protected reputation, regardless of how good the technician might be. As a result, it is not in our habit to by parts by the roadside sellers. Rather, we embrace central purchase directly from manufacturers. This and many more are the qualities many locksmith technicians are not putting into consideration and that is the more reason we are more distinguished. Therefore, when you contact us, for any locksmith emergency in your automotives, Commercial or Residential, expect nothing but the best. In case you are not satisfied, there is guarantee for all our services, including money refund. Meanwhile, we are glad to inform you that there has never been and negate report from our customers till date, so the issue of refund never arise.

When you are saddled with lock in or lock out, one of the best decision you will ever take is to contact us at Fontana Locksmith. We have the experience and our men and women technicians will not hesitate to go at any length to offer you your long awaited quality service. You can call us at any time most convenient for you or when facing locksmith emergency. We are not fulfilled until you are satisfied. This has always been our approach to all our current and new clients which comprise of distinguished individuals, corporate bodies and non-profit organizations. Indeed, Fontana Locksmith has been handling their locksmith issues in residential, automotives and commercial facilities for several years. If we are not meeting their needs, they won’t patronize us again. If they are not satisfied with us, they will not continue to tell their friends, family and neighbours about our proficiency and discount prices.

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